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Sunday, January 6th, 2008
7:01 pm
i'm back. i'll be posting shortly, and hopefully more frequently.

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Saturday, November 25th, 2006
12:07 pm
was off work yesterday and woke up crazy horny. managed to put off doing anything about it until late afternoon. did watch a little porn, which only got me hotter. anyway, drove out to my fave park about 4:30, parked and sat in the truck for a while. a guy in an suv was parked down the way, and shortly after i came in he moved his truck closer to mine. he got out and walked to a garbage can a couple hundred feet away, directly in front of my truck. on his way back to the car he stared me in the face the whole way. he was wearing scrub pants, a t-shirt and a wedding band. my truck was backed up to some woods with trails, so i got out and stepped into the bushes. made my way to one of the trails and he was already there, cock clearly showing down his pants leg. that's good cause mine was too. we stepped to one side of the trail and started feeling each other up. my cock was out of my fly in a matter of a couple minutes. he was antsy about someone seeing us, as close as we were to the parking lot, but i had him worked up enough that his scrubs were down around his thighs a couple minutes later. he stroked my cock, but didn't make any move to suck me off, so i went after him. he had a nice 7-ish incher. perfect for sucking. i bent down and worked on him for several minutes, then he pushed me down on my knees between his legs and started fucking my face. i pulled off a couple times to give it a squeeze and lick off some pre-cum. he started jacking with me licking his balls and tongueing his cockhead, and when he was about to blow i pushed his hand out of the way and took him back in my mouth. he about went apeshit as he blew a huge load into my mouth, then started shaking when i didn't let go of his dick. he was a hot mother fucker. i think knowing he was married made him even hotter. i ran my hands all over his body and told him what a hot fucker he was as he straightened himself up and turned to leave. hopefully, i'll see him again soon.

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Monday, September 5th, 2005
12:13 pm
i know i've said it before, but i'm going to try to be more active here. active as in writing, not as in more sex, becuse i have enough of that to write almost daily.

last night i decided to go prowling around one of the bars at about 1:00. this bar caters to the blue collar crowd. no twinks here. anyway, as i was circling the block the first time a hot thirtyish guy in a 4x4 truck slows down to take a long look at me. he's not wearing a shirt and i can tell he has biceps for days. we circle the block again and stop to chat. he tells me to follow him. we drove to a desserted parking lot and got out of our cars to "chat". he tells me how cute i am and starts running his hands all over my arms and massaging the back of my neck. i could have just stood there forever letting those big hands have their way. we started making out and he started groping my cock through my shorts. he unbuttoned my shorts and lifted my shirt over my head and started working his way from my pits and down my chest and stomach. he got down to my crotch and i could feel his breath on my cock, but he turned me around kind of roughly and leaned me face first against the side of his truck. he dove into my ass with his tongue and had me squirming for everything i was worth. this guy was totalling playing the scene i usually play, with me on the reverse end of it all. it was fucking hot. he must have tongued me for twenty or thrity minutes. i lost all track of time before he turned me back around and gulped down my oozing dick. that lasted all of a couple minutes before i blew the load of my life down his throat. he got up and we made out for another ten or fifteen minutes before he slipped me a phone number and got in his car. i'm hoping we can replay the scene with me in his role. soon.

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Saturday, January 15th, 2005
10:42 pm
took an extra long lunch from work yesterday and went out to the boat ramp. there were several guys sitting around in trucks eating lunch. it was hard to tell who was there for anything more. finally latched on to one guy in a black truck. he pulled up in front of the restroom and went in, then came out, got in the truck and parked farther down on the access road next to a wooded area. i followed him and parked a respectable distance away to keep an eye on him. i ended up getting out of the jeep to take a leak. i made sure he could see what i was doing. sure enough, he started the truck and moved it up behind my jeep. i had stayed out of the car and was standing there stroking my dick where he couldn't see me. he was obviously fairly new at this or just plain nervous because he didn't make a move until i stepped out around the car and he could see my dick in my hand. he got out and walked over. he was hot stuff. late twenties, sexy body, tattooed to the hilt. buzzed cut black hair. he told me what a big dick i had then grabbed it and started playing with it. he leaned down and started sucking me off. i was so wound up that there was no way i was going to last too long, so i pulled him off. i had the car door open so i sat down in the doorway and started sucking his dick. it was longer than mine, but not as big around. probably the perfect size cock for sucking. would have been perfect for taking up the ass too now that i think about it. anyway, he was moaning and groaning almost immediately and told me he was ready to cum. i kept sucking and took the saltiest load i've ever tasted down my throat. it was fucking hot. last thing he said was he would definitely see me out there again. i hope so. i was zipping my pants as a car turned on to the access road. it was a cop. talk about a close one.

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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
5:00 pm
Been having a lot of good times lately, but no time to write about them. I'll fix that soon.

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Saturday, December 20th, 2003
8:44 pm
went out to the park today. was pretty bare except for a couple older guys who weren't getting out of their cars. finally spotted a hot looking guy heading for the restroom up towards the more family oriented end of the park. it was cold and no one was out there. i watched for a while and he didn't come out, so i headed in. i could see his feet under the side of the stall. it didn't have a door on it and there's a mirror right in front of it so you can see whoever's in it from the urinal, and vice versa. i went to the urinal and took a peek over my shoulder. i could see he was jacking off and i made sure he could see me. he motioned me over and grabbed my dick as soon as i was close enough. he sucked me for a few minutes, but i wanted him more, so i pulled him up and i got on my knees to work on his dick. he dropped his pants to his knees so i could get at his hole with my fingers while i sucked him off. very cute, stocky guy, with a smoothe ass and chest. loved tweaking his pecs and running my hands over his ass. anyway, he said he was about to cum, warning me off, but i just kept sucking. when he realized i wasn't going to pull off he started fucking my face harder and faster and moaning like he was dying. ended up blowing a hot salty load down my throat. he kissed me and must have said thank you about four times on our way out the door. i look forward to catching up with him again. i really wanted to turn him around and eat his butt, but he seemed a little jittery. maybe next time.

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Friday, December 19th, 2003
7:19 pm
been awhile, i know. sorry about that. it hasn't been for lack of sex, just lack of time to write about it. here's a hot time from the past couple weeks. i'll write more as time permits:

sunday evening a couple weekends ago i was out at my favorite park. i tried to get there about 4 or 4:30, so i could scope the place out while the straight family types are wrapping up their barbecues before sundown. anyway, i had been there a while and as it got dark anyone who was still in the park was probably there for the same thing i was. i drove to the end with a pavilion and several picnic tables. i hadn't had too much action in that area before, but decided to stop when i saw the empty truck of the guy i wrote about in another entry (http://www.livejournal.com/users/anonymous_sex/2003/07/27/). i got out of my truck and was walking along the sidewalk when i saw movement out of the corner of my eye. there were some trees and bushes off to the side surrounding three picnic tables that you couldn't see from the road. i could barely make out a couple figures and could tell they were going at it. i walked around to the opening in the bushes and stood there a minute working on my dick so they could see me. when i go out to this place i usually wear a pair of shorts with no underwear that i can get completely out of quickly. i had them down around my thighs while i worked on my cock. as i was standing there, i realized there were three of them. one guy was laying on his back on the picnic table (the one from my previous entry) and the other two were standing over him taking turns feeding him their dicks. one of the guys was average looking and had his shorts around his knees. the other one was fucking gorgeous and i knew he was gonna be the one getting the bulk of my attention. he motioned me over and i stepped out of my shorts and got between the two of them, running my hands all over their asses while i fed the guy on the table my dick. he was moaning and groaning and working on his own piece of meat while he was servicing us. i pulled away from him and let the average guy have a turn and i went to work on the hotty. i pulled his shirt over his head and started licking his chest and biting his nipples. he was kissing my neck and licking my ear. we started kissing like we were both starved for tongue. the electricity was incredible. i bent over and started sucking his dick while he ran his hands all over my back and ass. i had dropped to my knees and had my hands on his ass and a finger running up and down his crack. the other guy had started running his hands all over me too by this point, and seemed to be getting hotter watching the two of us than he had been getting his dick sucked. the guy laying on the table shot his load all over himself and got up pretty quickly and left. the third guy (mister average) worked himself into such a frenzy watching us and feeling us up that he popped his nut all over my back and took off. that left me and hotness. we went at it alone for a good hour. when it was just the two of us, i bent him over the table and started tonging his ass. he groaned like he hadn't been touched back there in years and couldn't get enough. his dick stayed rock hard the whole time, but i wouldn't let him touch it. he just kept grinding his ass back against my tongue and moaning and telling me how hot this was. he ended up telling me to fuck him and i laid into him hard. he said he was about to cum, and i pulled out in time to turn him around and take his load in my mouth. after all that hard work, i definitely wasn't gonna miss out on his cream. after he came down my throat he deepthroated me until i shot my load in his mouth. by the time we were done we were both completely naked and drenched in sweat even though it was a fairly cool evening. we stood out there naked and kissed for another ten or fifteen minutes before we decided we'd better get out of there. the park was supposed to be closed at dusk. that was my hottest time in that park so far, and i've been back several times since. but that will have to wait.

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Saturday, October 4th, 2003
9:55 am
feeling way horny this morning. will probably have a tale to tell later cause i'm headed out to the park shortly. went out to the boat ramp last night only to find out it's closed for several months while they do repairs and such to the park. came home with a boner.

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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
4:33 pm
this morning i was a little boned up and didn't want to take care of it myself so i headed down to the park about 10:30. i though i might take a run and see if anything else came up. it was pretty active with one guy in particular i had my eye on. he was about 22 or 23 and was walking around up and down the trails. i followed him in once but he seemed to not be interested so i went back to my car. a while later he came off the trails and had taken his shirt off. again, he didn't show any interest so i began to think he might be straight. i turned my attentions elsewhere, namely to another hot guy who had been watching me for a while. he moved his car so we had an unobstructed view of each other and started to show off for each other. we did this for a good half hour until he got a call on his cell phone and had to leave. when he left i realized the other hot guy had gone back to his truck and was watching the whole thing. i got out of my truck and started stroking my dick for him in clear view. he didn't take his eyes off my dick, but didn't make any move to show me anything. about that time another, bigger truck pulled in and i jumped back in mine. the guy got out of his truck and walked over to the hot guy and was talking to him through the window. i got a little frustrated and moved to the other end of the park. a while later i went back. the newer guy was back in his truck. he was a little older (early thirties maybe), buzz cut hair, and had taken off his shirt. he had an incredible chest and was wearing a pair of shorts. the younger guy's car was parked between mine and the older guy. after sitting there for a while i started working on my dick again. the guy in the bigger truck rolled down his window and i could tell he was working on his too. he opened his door so i could see his meat, and i opened my door and stood outside. the cute guy between us looked like he was at a tennis match, watching one, then the other, but still made no move to participate. the buff guy started to come towards me and we ended up standing next to my truck working on each other's dicks. the other guy was engrossed in the scene. i had my hands all over the buff guy. i think he came from the navy base across the highway. he was incredible. i ran my hands all over his chest and shoulders and ass. he bent down and started sucking my dick. i couldn't take my eyes off the other guy who was now smiling and i could see he had one foot propped up on his dash board. i was about to pop my load after just a few minutes of this guys hot mouth, so i got him to pull off. we stood there a while, hands all over each other, both of us getting more and more turned on knowing the cute guy was watching. we couldn't stand it any more and he went back down on me. i grabbed the back of his head and started pumping his face. when i was about to shoot, he pulled off and had me cum all over his massive chest. he stood up and i licked my cum off of him while he shot his load. right after, he said he had to run and he took off. i hope we gave the cute guy enough of a show that he'll come back and maybe get into the act next time. i'm thinking he was a closeted kid who wasn't sure what he might be ready for. at least now he knows what's available.

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Sunday, July 27th, 2003
10:40 pm
wow. been a while since i updated this thing. not that i haven't been active. most recently i went out last night to the boat ramp, but there were way too many straight couples out there. i need to remember it's no good on saturday nights.

last successful excursion was thrusday evening. went back out to my favorite cruisey park. the one i talked about in my first entry. it was kind of dead. it had been raining earlier and not much was going on. i sat in my car for an hour or so waiting to see anything that looked promising. finally a guy in a company truck (electrician) pulled in and parked a ways down from where i was. he got out of the truck and walked in the direction i had seen a straight couple walk in several minutes before. i didn't follow right away. he was gone for about ten or fifteen minutes before he finally came out another trail and walked across the street to another set of trails. this time i let him get a fairly good head start then followed him in. at this point i wasn't entirely sure he wasn't a straight guy just out for a walk, but as i entered the woods, i saw he had paused a ways up the trail and was standing with one foot up on a bench. when he saw me coming he moved on to a bridge that runs over a creek and stood there for a while watching the water. as i moved in his driection he moved to the other side of the bridge and just stopped, like he was waiting for me. i didn't make him wait too long. he turned out to be thirty-ish, dark hair, not really buff (incredible pecs though!), but attractive. we stood there and looked at each other for a few minutes, each waiting for the other to make the first move. i had my hands in my shorts pockets, massaging my already hard dick, and he was rubbing his through his shorts. he went down on his knees and waited for me to show it to him. i unzipped and he grabbed my dick and pulled it through. he immediately started giving me one of the best blowjobs i can remember. he had dropped his shorts down to his ankles and was working on his own hard dick while he sucked me off. after just a few minutes i was ready to shoot, but i wanted it to last so i told him to slow down. he didn't seem to be in any hurry either and began to work on my nuts and started licking the underside of my shaft, and rubbing my dick all over his face. he probably worked on it for about thirty minutes or so before i couldn't stand it anymore and told him i was about to blow. he wanted me to jack it all over his tongue and face, but as soon as he saw the first blast of cum he took it back in his mouth and took it all. i'm not sure if he came or not. he didn't seem interested in getting off. we walked out of the woods together and he told me he really wanted another shot at my cock soon. we're supposed to meet out there again tomorrow, but i don't know if i'm going to be able to make it. i have other plans tomorrow night. i may have to break them.

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
12:26 am
went out to the boat ramp. was there about 10 minutes when the cops showed up. luckily, i was on my way out when they turned in. not that anything was happening. i ended up picking up a hustler and giving him twenty bucks to take my load, parked in the car on a dark road.

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
10:46 pm
it occurred to me today while i was giving a guy a blowjob that i really have no idea how many guys i've had some form of sex with. there i was on my knees in the woods of a really cruisy park, with an awesome dick in my mouth, and i'm thinking about starting a journal. i'm sicker than i thought.

today started out with me horny as hell. most days start out that way. if i don't jack off in the morning, i usually end up looking for some release somewhere during the early evening. i've been jacking off a lot lately. staying in, watching porn, jacking off. i knew this morning today would be different though. i put in the porn, but had no intention of jacking off. just getting myself plenty aroused. around 4:45, i put on a pair of jeans shorts that have a huge hole between the legs, and took off to my favorite park. it's across the highway from the naval air station, so it tends to get active at times. today was no different. i parked several spaces down from a guy who was laying back in the driver's seat of his car. looked too interesting to pass up. he was cute. maybe mid to late 20's, dark hair, goatee. he sat up briefly when i pulled in, but then laid back down. he kept glancing over at me, so i assumed there was some interest, dropped my shorts around my ankles and started working on my bone. after several minutes he got out of the car and went walking. i followed, but some signals got crossed somewhere and we both ended up back in our cars. a while later after we watched each other making stroking motions, he got out again and went for a walk down the trails. i waited briefly because an old troll had followed him, but then went in as well. he must have shrugged the troll off, because i walked right by him and continued to follow the guy back down the trail. he finally left the trail and went back further into the trees, making sure i didn't lose sight of him. the troll saw me head in the direction and was probably watching the whole incident, but at that point i didn't care. i just wanted that guy's dick in my mouth. anyway, i followed the guy and he had come to a stop. i couldn't tell if he couldn't go any further and might turn and come out or what, but i got bold and walked over to him. he raised up his shirt so i could see the bulge in his crotch. i did the same. he was wearing baggy corduroy shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt. at first we stood there a little awkwardly, not sure who would make the first move, but as i inched closer, he reached in and brought his dick out to greet me. it was about seven inches. perfect size for sucking. i went down on my knees and took him in. he started moaning immediately and grabbed my head. his shorts were around his thighs, so i ran my hands up the legs and got a grip on an incredible ass. i wasn't sure what he might be into and i didn't want to scare him away, so i didn't go further than kneading that awesome mound of flesh. what i really wanted to do was turn him around, bend him over and stick my tongue up there. but i settled for a finger as he started getting close. he started jacking his dick with my tongue on his head until he blew a great load all over my tongue and face. i gave his ass one last grab and started walking away. he didn't seem interested in reciprocating and i wanted more dick before i shot my wad anyway, so i went back to my car and waited for my next victim. he never came. so here i sit all boned up. i may go try the boat ramp. if not, i'll just go out in the backyard and jack off. something about the wind on my balls really drives me over the edge.

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